Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chasing Helicopters

Beautiful sunshine drew us outside this afternoon.  What an absolute pleasure to watch the boys run and play.  They began a game of "Chasing Helicopters".  Here's how it went:

First, they threw a stick to knock out the maple tree "helicopters".
(Yes, Mother was standing there praying for eye safety.)

After the stick made a good hit, the helicopters came floating down.

Then, the boys chased them around the yard.

Caught You!


Hannah said...

My helicopter game goes more like this. Hear the wind blow. See them fall into my flower bed. Think about what a pain it will be to pull up all the seedlings. Sigh. Eat chocolate.

Adriana @ Live Laugh Love Learn said...

Chasing helicopters is a lovely childhood memory. Thanks for the post. Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when you and your brothers were little entrepreneurs and were able to "sell" helicopters to neighbors who already had whole driveways full of them? So much for a good life lesson about only selling items that have value to meet a felt need!MOM