Monday, May 2, 2011

Doing things the old fashioned way!

What did my mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers do after they ate dinner?  They first poured water in the sink (they might have even had to heat the water first).  Then, they got cracking and washed those dishes by hand.  Big Brother and I had a lesson in the hard work our "foremothers" put forth for every meal.  As a home educator, I would love to tell you that I planned this as a lesson of gratitude.  In reality, lessons of gratitude are often thrust upon us.  We'll be remembering our "foremothers" this week, while we figure out what to do with our "vacationing" dishwasher.  Thank you to all those women who worked so hard for every meal of the day.  Also - a big thank you to the creator of the dishwasher!


Hannah said...

How very positive of you. I'm sure if it were me, I'd write a poem disparraging the people who needed more than one cup that day.

Christine said...

Well, I could have said that the collywobbles took over after the third load of dishes, but that would be a little bit over the top!

Adriana @ Live Laugh Love Learn said...

When my DW went out, I hastened to my local dollar store for an ample supply of disposable plates and cups!! We used the thin cheapies for sandwiches and slightly nicer ones for dinner. I DO appreciate all my foremothers went through, but I am also grateful for modern conveniences. I think if they could have peeked into the future they would have been glad for us!