Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Okay, okay . . . . I am aware that it is not officially May.  On the other hand, the flowers are coming, and flowers just make me happy.  First came the daffodils, then my azaleas.  Next, my creeping phlox swept open along the edge of my garden.  Now, there is a first in my garden.  The first blooms of the rhododendron we planted last spring began.  Welcome spring.  Come in flowers.  Come make your home in my garden.

Hello little beauty!


Hannah said...

I'm so excited...most of the plants you gave me last fall are coming up. My clematis, too, which I was giving up on last year. Just goes to show, just because it fizzles when you plant it doesn't mean it won't last...especially if it actually gets watered through excessive rains. Hip Hip Hooray for gardening!

Christine said...

Patience pays off. It also helps to plant flowers that do well in this area without much added help (at least for lazy gardeners like me). If you want any more starts, let me know. I think I'll have enough Bee Balm to separate. I also love my Mountain Blue, and I have a few volunteers coming up!