Saturday, April 30, 2011

Continuing A Family Tradition

      Some of my sweetest childhood memories are those laced with the scents of my uncles' cigars and their glasses of wine.  Hours were spent on the knees of my uncles' and grandfather as they shared their game of pinochle.  They taught the game well, laughed long, and competed fiercely.  The entire family would gather around the table and share in the important ritual at family gatherings. 
      Now, the tradition continues with my children.  My brother and father now take my children in hand and pass down the family heritage.  Laughter is freely given, as is the sage advice.  Learning is taking place, but the most important lessons are not the rules or tactics of the game.  Love, inclusion, listening, laughter, and family togetherness are building memories for my boys that will last them a lifetime.  Happy is the man who will include a child in his game(s).

And this was the "helper" hand!


Adriana @ Live Laugh Love Learn said...

Love your new background! So springy!

Bill said...

So much fun playing cards with family! - Mom

Hannah said...

My parents used to play pinochle, too. Brings back memories. Love the new's perfect for your theme. Also like the side bar proverb. You've been busy this weekend!