Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wii Fever!!!!

Wii Fever is spreading through our ranks!  How do we know?  What are the symptoms?  Obsessive discussions of Wii play, constant planning of future game time, preferring Wii time to outside time, and the final blow that brings down the house . . . seeing little men on the corner of the street!  Beware lest Wii Fever takes hold of your family, too!!!!!

Oh, Luigi, what a sight you are!

Mario, is that really you or do my eyes deceive me?


Adriana @ Live Laugh Love Learn said...

Wow you really saw Mario! So cool!!
Big brother - I like the picture you took. Impressive!

Hannah said...

I didn't know they were from Ohio...awesome!

Christine said...

That is sooooo coooool!!!!! Did you get any hints that will help us pass some of the levels easier? Did you find out how to get extra lives the easiest way? What about how to find all the extra hidden coins? If not, maybe we will see them walking down the road again sometime. Way to go boys!!!!!!! I haven't been able to get a post through, so this is from Dad.