Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Helping the peas "Reach for the sky"!

Brother in the Middle and I noticed that our snow peas were falling over.  The combination of a too small trellis and high winds did a number on our growing vines.

We gathered some simple "tools" to fix our problem.

A heavy bucket containing one sad little tomato plant.
(I didn't have the heart to throw him out or the space to plant him in the garden.)

One pair of knee high hose.

Then, Brother in the Middle snapped a picture of Mommy tying the hose to the trellis.

Now our peas are once again able to reach for the sky!

I have learned a few very valuable lessons from our little project.

1.  Before you plant a new variety of snow peas, check to see how high they will grow.
2.  Always make sure your trellis is big enough for the plant that will grow on it.
3.  To fix many problems you don't need fancy tools, just creative thinking and a little help for your son(s).

Thank you, Brother in the Middle, for all your help in the garden.


Hannah said...

AAAHHH! I saw you! I saw you!

ps...those are enormous (the snow peas, not you). Mine are only one third that height!

Christine said...

I planted two varieties. One is 18" to 24" high. This one is . . . well enourmous! The description on the website (not the package) says that it gets 5' to 6' tall. I should read more carefully when ordering. You probably got the shorter one.

We ate our first "serving" of snow peas last night. OK, it was a handfull, and we sprinkled them on our salad (from the garden). It tasted like spring. Mmmmmmm.