Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chocolate, Mom and Mr. Rodgers

Over at Linda's blog, Encouragement from the Hill hilltopencouragement.blogspot.com, she blogs about what she is grateful for every Tuesday.  It is an encouragement every Tuesday to be reminded to stop and count my blessings.  One of the things that I am grateful for today is the Symphony Chocolate Bars in my Mom's cabinet. 

Mom, if you are reading this, know that we are eating chocolate tonight.  Your chocolate.  We (I) snagged some as we stopped by to drop some things off.  As silly as it sounds, knowing that the chocolate is always there is reassuring.  Chocolate, reassuring?  Maybe it's the sweet taste of chocolate dripping down the back of your throat or maybe is the assurance that things are as expected. 

You know, the Mr. Rodgers Effect.  The sweater's in the closet when you come in the door.  The train is ready to go through the tunnel to the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe".  All things are as they should be in the neighborhood.

I like predictability.  I always have.  The great thing is, that chocolate in the cabinet is predictable.  In reality, my mom is predictable.  Good predictable.  All things are right in the neighborhood predictable.  Thanks for the chocolate, Mom.  And, thanks for the years for reliable, reassuring predictability! 

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Adriana @ Live Laugh Love Learn said...

So sweet.

Hannah said...

Eating chocolate is definitely not an activity of make-believe for me. I've always suspected, and now I'm sure that your Mom is a wise and experienced woman. PS--I shudder to think what you will ingest if your sons want to go to college, or even worse, become interested in girls. <>

Christine said...

I dread the thought of college . . . now that you mention it, worse yet, girls. Oh, the ice cream, hershey's hot fudge, and symphony bars that will have to sooth me.

Shopping . . . I'll also have to turn to shopping.

Did I tell you that now I have been talking to my tomato plants like they're my babies? You know, they can't walk away and go to camp. Oh well, that's a neurotic blog for another day.

Linda said...

The saying in our house is "chocolate cures everything." I have girls, can you tell?