Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Extra, Extra, The Tortoise Bests the Hare, Once Again

We all know how it went down years ago.  The hare and the tortoise started the race, with the odds surely resting on the hare.  After a long race, that hare was shocked that the slow, but steady tortoise beat him at his own race. 

Once again, today, at our own house, the tortoise has gotten one up on the hare.  Yesterday, a scathing article was posted on the evils of bunnies and their troublesome antics.  This morning, a loud scream brought attention to  a large snapping turtle digging up young summer squash plants. 

The girly scream emanated from the little sissy girl that still lies within me.  I immediately called my savvy sister-in-law next door to come rescue me.  She came with a trailing troop of children who wanted to watch her capture of the varmint.  She valiantly and humanely captured the assailant.

When I lamented that I owed the poor bunnies an apology for my angry rant on yesterday's post, Big Brother had a rational reply.  He practically stated, "Mom, you don't need to apologize to the bunnies, they can't read!"  To the bunnies that can't read, I do so apologize anyway.  Hear this though, the tortoise has bested you again!


Hannah said...

You did it! That was REALLY funny!

Seriously, how could you resist telling me about it? Loved the young man's comment (that's code for you know who). Since when did turtles eat garden veggies? You must be at odds with all nature or something.

Christine said...

It was so hard not to spill the beans! I had so much fun writing this and I didn't want to spoil the effect. I'm glad you like it.

I don't know how much he ate, versus how much he like the good imported soil! (He was trying to make a nice bed for himself.)