Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father, Dad, Daddy

There are may forms of the word father.  Each one is important in it's own way.  Father, Dad and Daddy are all names for which I am exceedingly grateful.

My Father in Heaven, who loves me, has saved me and daily pours his grace upon my life.

My Dad, who loves me, has raised me, taught me to ride a bike and then a car (we survived both trials, Dad.)  He walked me down the aisle, supports me in my many endeavors and loves me to this day.

My husband, who loves me, but perhaps more importantly, loves my children.  He is raising them, providing for them, training them, and playing with them.  Daily, he sacrifices his own wants and needs for the needs of his family.

Father, Dad and Daddy - without them, I would be lost.  What grace I have been given to know such love.  Thank you for your love and sacrifice.  Thank you Fathers, Dads and Daddies - all the men who sacrifice themselves for their children.  He who lays his own needs before the needs of his family is truly a man.  Happy Fathers Day!


Hannah said...

You're so sweet...and heartwarming...and peachy. Oops.

Anonymous said...

I am truly blessed to have a daughter, son-in-law and grandsons like all of you. Each day I pray for your welfare knowing that the Lord holds all of you in His care. Love, Dad