Monday, June 13, 2011

Growing So Quickly

Did you think I meant the boys?  Yes, they are growing quickly, but today, I'm talking about our zucchini!  On Memorial Day weekend, Brother in the Middle and I planted four hills of summer squash.  Two hills are zucchini, and two are yellow crook necked squash.  We are enjoying watching them grow, and can't wait to taste the first fruits of our labor.

First, we tilled the soil, then added some from a bag to make a mound.

Then, Brother in the Middle poked a hole and planted the seed.

Remember, we are not the only ones looking for a good meal!

This is our summer squash this morning.  Soon, we'll be posting about our own dinner.


Hannah said...

Looks like mine. Man, you'd think they were from the same packet of seeds, even. The squashes are growing so much more than the other veggies. Sure hope people in the church like zucchini and summer squash!

Christian writer and editor said...

I am totally impressed by the veg here! I'm inspired to get out into the garden - it's quite a nice day today, it's been rainy/chilly in east England lately - but I better get to work instead!!

Christine said...

Thanks Shelia. I'm so glad you stopped by. Enjoy getting out in the garden. It's a beautiful early summer day today, but we're looking at rain later this week, so we're getting out as much as we can now!

Hannah, it is surprising how much squash looks alike! Funny, how they seem "related".