Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Man Paints With Water

Little Man now wants to be just like the big kids.  He's fifteen months, and he does not want to be left out.  Who really wants to be left out, anyway?  Not me, for sure!  Yesterday, the big kids got to paint.  Little man watched the whole process, and then worked to pull a chair back from the table, so that he could climb up and join the painting "party".  I got him his own little dish of water, a piece of paper and two big paintbrushes (no paint for little man).  He was happy as a lark.  Most of the time, the paintbrush was in his mouth.  He enjoyed the new experience, but most of all, he enjoyed being treated like "one of the big kids".


Hannah said...

Is this what he was doing when you wrote this post? Love the view of the neck/cheek fat. So pinchable!

Christine said...

Sweet baby boy was sleeping when I wrote this post! It's the only way I can blog. Little man is very jealous of the computer!

See that paintbrush sticking out of his mouth, (or is that what you're referring to?) he loved the feel of the bristles in his mouth!

Marlene Lee said...

Very cute pic! My younger son was just like that. Always wanted to be up there with his 2 older brothers.