Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Blooms

Summer is officially here and with it come lazy, hazy days. Spring flowers have faded and the summer charm is on.

My mom's "little boy".

 Bee Balm with a view.

I love the look of Ivy growing up a tree.
This one looks over my parents' expansive lawn.


Sheila Jacobs said...

Lovely pics. I have ivy in my garden; it is trying to cover my shed, and it looks lovely. But I don't do as much gardening as I should (time issues!) so it chokes some of my plants. Someone said clearing the ivy away and finding a little plant we didn't know we had which then begins to thrive is a bit like letting God clear away the rubbish from our lives and so we can grow to our full potential.

Christine said...

I love that analogy, Sheila! Thanks for the kind comment.

Hannah said...

Bee Balm...that is lovely. PS...I bet your Mom's boy doesn't leave muddy socks in her entryway.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Christine! Just this morning, I was looking at my Bee Balm. It's not blooming yet. Yours is lovely! My plants start showing some signs of power mildew. Do you have such a problem with your bee balm?

Christine said...


I haven't had signs of powder mildew on it, but I get more of that in my back garden. I don't tend to water much in the front because they are all anuals, but some of my plants in the back are more prone to it. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is beautiful, I really enjoy your pics!