Monday, July 18, 2011

The Promise Produce

I am waiting . . . not so patiently.  The spring produce is exhausted.  The lettuce has a few tiny new leaves that can be picked, but then they are done.  The snow peas had one last gift for us Saturday, then I pulled up the plants.  They need to be pulled to give the squash more light, since they are no longer producing in this heat.  I am waiting for the summer produce to finally ripen.  It is there, growing, and I am highly anticipating the coming of the summer veggies.  These pictures are from last week, so they are a little bigger now.

I confess, I've never grown cabbage before.  Big Brother wanted to grow this.  When do you pick it?  Any tips would be helpful.

The little grape tomatoes are turning red now.  Any day, they will be ready to  pick.  I can't wait!

I used some of this amazing Basil in tomato sauce last week.  The extra leaves are sitting in a cup on the kitchen counter, giving off it's spicy aroma every time I brush up against it.

This is a baby asparagus that I thought was a gonner.  I had given up hope of it sprouting, so I planted lettuce and broccoli over top it.  Yet, here it is, springing up along side the second leaves of the lettuce plant.  I hope that in years to come, it will feed my family over and over!

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Hannah said...

Yes, I understand. I'm harvesting some...grape tomatoes, summer squash, zucchinis. I really can't wait until I can grab those beefsteaks, though. Oh yeah, also cucumbers. There's not a whole lot else, though. Why, oh why does it take so long to slurp a juicy tomato?