Sunday, July 17, 2011

Un-Birthday Bash Fun

The kiddos had such fun at the "Un-Birthday Bash" that I had to save a special post to share the kids' pictures!  These are some of my favorite shots.  They enjoyed making decorations, playing octopus tag, popping shaving cream filled balloons, pinning the decoration on the cake, a water balloon toss, water balloon fights,  a silly string fight, two pinatas, swimming, pizza and cake that finished the day!  What a fantastic party! 

There is shaving cream inside that balloon.
The object is to pop it.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Success, and oh what a mess!
(Brotherly love can take many forms.)

Sit on it, and you'll pop it!

Come on Big Brother, you can "pin the decoration on the cake"!

Little Man found his newest best friend.

Line up for a water balloon toss!

"Upside-Down Baby Cake"

Silly String War!
Oh, what a mess.

Even more mess.

Can I have one, too?

"I'll get you, my pretty!"
(When he did get hold of it, who do you think he threw it at?)


Linda said...

Yes, but I bet you were cooler after the water balloon burst all over you! And who needs dignity anyway??

Christine said...

Dignity is overrated, especially when someone gets such a huge kick out of splashing you with water balloons. I do have to admit, I was much cooler after the splash!

Hannah said...

Today is my unbirthday...I plan on eating chocolate.

Christine said...

Happy unbirthday to you too!