Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's my birthday, I can . . .

Do you know that old song, "It's my party, I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to . . . . "?  Well, it's been going through my head the last few days, only I've put my own little spin on it.  I keep singing (to myself) "It's my birthday, I can eat what I want to . . . "

Now, before you think me a "little off my rocker", you have to realize that half of my life revolves around food anyway.  I prepare three meals a day, most every day, with some snacks in between.  Then, in between preparing the food, comes cleaning up after meals.  Add in the time and energy meal planning and shopping for food . . . one begins to realize that food is a major part of home-life.  Anyone who has run a home, will understand this.

Usually, when I plan meals, I think of what others would like.  What would my hubby like?  What would the kids like?  What fits the budget?  What is on sale?  All those thoughts order my meal plans.  Well, the last little while, I've taken a different approach.  I've said, "It's my birthday, I can eat what I want to . . ."  Although my official birthday is today, we started last Thursday.  My lovely mother-in-law kept the boys so that Brian (my hubby) and I could have some time together.  We went to the restaurant of my choice.  Nothing super fancy, but it was just what I wanted.

This weekend, I fixed one of my all time favorite meals.  I made the Mexican Lasagna that I blogged about over at Hannah's Frugal Kitchen.  Later I made one of my favorite treats, brownies.  These were straight from the King Aurthur Flour site, and they are called "wicked easy", for a reason!  They are also, "wicked delicious".  I'm talking, thank goodness I only made one batch, because as long as they're in my house, I'll keep eating them - delicious!

Then, my mother called and asked if I wanted my "usual" birthday dinner.  She, of course, made me her traditional lasagna.  Being that I don't actually have that recipe, and because I'm too lazy to ask Mom for it, I can't share it with you.  I can tell you this . . .it's different from other lasagnas.  It's slightly sweet.  Its earthy flavor is enhanced with traces of cinnamon and  . . . . .cloves!!!  I didn't know that until Sunday.  All these years . . . cloves in the lasagna.  Who knew?   That's right, Mom knew.  And she makes it just right.  To top that off, she made a delightful German Chocolate Cake Bar.  I would share that with you, but I don't have that either.  I just go to Mom's house!

Now, you'd think that I'd be done with my selfishness, but I'm not.  What is for dinner tonight, for my actual birthday?  Vegetable soup and my homemade dinner rolls.  Why is that selfish?  We had soup last night, too.  Real men don't eat soup for dinner twice in one week, but this week, my guys will.  Why?  Because, "It's my birthday, I can eat what I want to . . . "


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday!

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

Happy birthday! And now I think I'm going to have that song in my head (with amended lyrics) for the rest of the night :)

Enjoy your soup!

Adriana @ Live Laugh Love Learn said...

Happy Birthday!
Love the post:)

Christian writer said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a blessed and wonderful year.

Hannah said...

That was Cara's theory, too! Happy birthday, my dear friend.

Looking forward to your diet posts next week!