Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apple Orchard Field Trip - Apples

So, I was telling you yesterday, Dad/Grandpa took us to a local orchard.  When we went inside the building, our eyes feasted on an abundance of apples.  No food makes me quite as happy as apples in the fall  (. . . .well, one can't compare it to chocolate - that's just not fair).

As you can see, my love for apples runs deep!

How do I love thee, apples?  Let me count the ways.

I love thee when thou art red,

I love thee when thou art green.

I love thee when thou art shiny.

I especially love thee when thou art Fuji!!!!!!

Do your eyes deceive you?  No, this is a pear.  I love thee, too!  (Even though your name isn't apple, you are just as sweet!)

Corn, why are you here?  Oh, you're pretty.  That's right.  You're only here for your looks, and the fact that this is my last orchard post, and you were just to pretty to leave out!  Oh my, now you've all seen how silly I can be.  It's the apples . . . . they just have that effect on me!


Hannah said...

Gorgeous...wanna add some apple pics in when we cover apples on the cooking blog? Love it!

Linda said...

Simply wonderful poetry!! I love the apple-y smell when I go into the barn at the orchard. There is something wonderul about the aroma.