Monday, November 21, 2011

For My Grandpa's Birthday

Dear Grandpa,

Memories of you span my lifetime. They begin in early childhood with your many visits to our home. I have memories of my visit to South Carolina when I flew down, ALL BY MYSELF, to visit you for A WHOLE WEEK! I remember visiting you in Conneaut as a teenager on the shores of Lake Erie. You came to my graduation to see me walk down the aisle and receive my diploma. I remember brining my fiancée to come meet you. I remember you at my wedding, as I took the most important steps of my life. Then, I have brought each of my children to share my grandpa . . . their great-grandpa with them. What most strikes me about each and every memory I hold of you is the ever large and wonderful hugs that you have given upon each and every visit. You have squeezed me and loved me and told me I was special. You embraced and loved my husband. You have squeezed each of my children and loved them too. Thank you Grandpa, for all the hugs!



Hannah said...

This makes me miss my own quiet grandpa...always calm, always loving, always there.

Kristin said...

That was lovely~
Happy Thanksgiving!