Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Blooms

These flowers do for the end of summer what daisies do for the beginning of summer.  Their yellow faces look up with a smile and greet all that pass by as if to say, "I'm so glad that it's still summer!"  


Hannah said...

I'm so thankful you gave me these! Between them and the impatiens I planted, I actually still have a little color out there in August. Beautiful photo.

Given any thought about what to do when there are no more blooms for Fridays? How about a Friday dessert segment or something. Or different pictures of filled to the brim baths with lots of bubbles. Hmmm...I need to relax, can you tell? :)

Christine said...

I don't know yet what Fridays will hold . . . I love your ideas.

I'm thinking about a segment to highlight the boys best school work . . . you know, maybe "Favorite Assignments for Friday". We need some kind of motivation to get them to do their best on their school work. I know it's not the artsy kind of thing that I like, but I need some help with the motivation factor!