Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Fingerprints

Why is it that this little guy is allowed to climb up on the window ledge?  Why is it that I don't get upset when there are (always) fingerprints all over this window?  There is a simple reason.  This is the "Daddy cam" window.  The boys have always used this window to watch for the nightly return of Daddy.  Recently, I decided that I would help them out and give them a bench under the window.  This particular day, Daddy was mowing the lawn.  Little man climbed up onto the bench and then onto the window sill.  He then spent the entire time watching, pointing, waving and saying "Daddy" every time the mower went by.  Those happy finger prints remind me every day of how blessed we are. 


Linda said...

Okay, old lady tearing up here! God is very good.

Michelle Tomo said...

Christine, that is beautiful! My little Sunny is at that age now, and when she hears the car door she shouts, "DADA!" and toddles to meet him. *so sweet!*

God bless,

Hannah said...

That's sweet...there's nothing more precious than your kids being that excited to see Daddy. I think a rush of Daddy excitement might be how Andy broke his back...or maybe not.