Thursday, August 18, 2011

Imagintion . . .

While this may look like any old mess, it has a story to tell . . .

One child was absent for the day, so the others went looking for something to do.

What they found was the boxes that hold the toys.

The boxes became a hideout from enemies.

They became a train.

They became turtle shells, boats and so much more.

And the fun that was had was all from the imagination of small children!


Hannah said...

Cute. Baby's really getting around! What will we do when we don't have small ones around to entertain us?

Christine said...

Live a very boring and sad little life!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Oh no you won't Miss Christine! It's totally fun in a different way :-) Trust me.

Annie Kate said...

Oh, so much fun! I remember the days...and occasionally we still have adventures like that, even though my youngest is almost 9. Enjoy these good times while they last. You're so smart to be documenting them!

I hope your knee soon feels better.

Annie Kate