Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lovely Lunch With My Three Sons

Last Thursday, my boys gave me a treat.  They decided that they wanted to take me to lunch.  They even wanted to pay for the lunch out of their own money.  So, off we went to our favorite dollar menu restaurant.  I was treated with smiles and sweetness and a lovely lunch. 

They took great pride in providing that simple meal.  I think that deep inside all people, even children, have the need to feel important and needed.  It builds up a man's self-worth to provide well for his family, and even my young boys have that need to provide. 

We talked about a few important issues and even fun subjects like the yummy ice cream that we were sharing for dessert.  The boys showed their best manners so well that it was noticeable to others around us.  One lady gave them a great compliment on her way out.  She stopped to compliment them on their good behavior, and in doing so made this mamma's heart swell with pride.  I am so blessed to have such sweet and thoughtful boys!

Oil on Canvas by
"Deutsch: Stilleben"
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Hannah said...

That is so sweet! What lovely young men!