Sunday, September 18, 2011

For My Guy

I once met a guy,
Who was slightly shy.

Even then,
With his impish grin,

He would tease,
And set me at ease.

His request for a date,
showed he sought a mate.

I was there in a rush,
For I already had a crush.

And as first dates go,
It was better than so-so.

I knew I'd be a fan,
Forevermore of that man.

We dated, married and said forever,
We'd always face the world together.

The years have gone by,
And that man is why,

I laugh and I smile,
Even through many a trial.

Now, even when he makes fun of my math,
Together we laugh.

Through thick and thin,
We'll always win.

Because he's forever my guy,
And that's no lie!

Happy Anniversary!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh....this melts my heart....hope you have a wonderful anniversary!! lv and blessings ~ alice

Michelle Tomo said...

How beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

Hannah said...

How lovely...I had no idea it was your anniversary.

Very sweet.

Love the new background, too. Perhaps a Friday Fall Fotos?...

That could get you through a month or so!

Kristin said...

How cool is that?!
Love this!
Happy Anniversary....
Love, Kristin