Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Blooms - More Happy Surprise Flowers!

This flower came as a big surprise.  You might not realize it, but there can be many ways that a flower or a plant can surprise you.  Now, if you read my Friday Blooms two weeks ago (, you read about my "Surprise Flowers" that catch me off guard each year.  Or, if you read my good friend Hannah's blog, you might remember when how was surprised by her cucumbers(  This flower caught me off guard for a new reason.

This spring, I planted three different kind of sunflowers.  Excessive . . . yes.  Worth it . . . I thought so.  Unfortunately for me, some not so friendly birds watched the planting with a glint of greed in their eyes.  Over the next two days, I watched as the birds plucked almost every seed out of the ground.  The kids and I would holler and bang on the windows when we saw them, but with no success.  They got all but a few of the seeds.  The remaining seedlings were whisked away by the birds when they dared to peek their heads out of the ground.

So goes the tale of my beautiful Sunflower patch . . . or so I though.  I've been very negligent about weeding, so I didn't notice this one little plant in the back.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that his beautiful head had begun to form.   I was ecstatic!  Now, his beauty is a thrill.  No, he is not a large sunflower patch.  But sometimes, the simple beauty of one can outshine the glory of many.


alice alfred said...

Wow ~ not to over-spiritualize everything, but what an amazing example of God's redemptive power in our lives. I am so blessed to see the beauty of this flower and its triumph over the birds eating all the other seeds...and to think that is how God brings beauty to our lives from what seems lost and forever "eaten" away - His "flowers" can catch us off guard and surprise us!!! This is a great it, love it!!

Hannah said...

I'm so happy for you! And how exciting that this sunflower waited until the other flowers were starting to fizzle out so you'd notice it even more. What a happy flower!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You are so right - sometimes, less is more! What a beautiful flowerhead!