Monday, September 12, 2011


My dear friend Hannah, from Crazy Creative Magazine, received an award last week.  Friday, she generously passed on the award to myself and two others.  I am honored that she reads and enjoys my blog and that now I get to pass on this award.  The award is a way that bloggers encourage one another.  Here are the details.

Information about the Liebster Award:                    


1. Rumor has it that someone in Germany, possibly someone named Liebster, created an award for new bloggers to show appreciation and thanks for their blog.

2. Liebster means “beloved” in German and Spanish.

3. You can only receive the award from another blogger, who has also received the award.

4. Awards are to be passed forward to other bloggers, 3-5 blog sites, with followers of 300 or less.
5. Once you give the award to a fellow blogger, you are to contact the blogger and let them know.
6. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
The winner of this encouragement award is to select three other small blogs to nominate and share the links for your selections, as well as who nominated you.

My nominees are . . . drum roll, please:
Cindy and Stephanie at are sisters who share their lovely blog.  I am so glad that I was introduced to Cindy, who has already been an encouragement to me.  She focuses on serving others and encourages her readers to serve others as well.
I always enjoy what Michelle Tomo has to say over at Michelle's Garden of Roses.  Whether she's writing about her favorite bread recipe or sharing a poem or verse, she is always encouraging.
Kristin shares her Sweet Country Life with her readers in such a way that makes you feel like her friend immediately.  Her warm comments and sweet posts have been a wonderful source of encouragement for me. 
So, thanks Hannah for sharing this with me! 


Cindy said...

So sweet of you...Thanks! And Congrats! :)

Hannah said...

Congratulations, you popular thing, you!

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

How sweet and fun! My German may be rusty--seriously, I minored in it in college and now it's TERRIBLE :( -- but I sure did smile when I saw "Liebster" in your post title. I knew it had to be something good--and it was :)

Kristin said...

THANK YOU! I am humbled and blessed by your mention and thankful for you and your blog as well.
Congratulations to you my friend.