Monday, September 5, 2011

Name origins - from a five year old's perspective!

(Optional Title - How you know your child is obsessed with Star Wars)

Five year old son, "Mom, we have a boy named Luke on our soccer team . . . isn't that so funny?!?!?"

Mom, "Funny, why funny?"

Son, "Luke . . . his name is Luke (he, he, he, he), like Star Wars, Mom!!!"

Mom "Well, you know son, the name Luke is in the Bible.  There is even the book of Luke in the Bible."

Son, "Mom, (he, he, he), you know, Luke, Princess Leia, Han Solo . . . (ha, ha, ha)   . . . his name is Luke (he, he, he)."

~Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


alice alfred said...

Christine...this is hillarious. I was laughing right along with the (he he) descriptives! What a fun age!! Blogger's to a happy Labor Day!!

Adriana @ Live Laugh Love Learn said...

So funny! Love it!!

Hannah said...

Aaahh...the obsession begins. My kids are obsessed with the Three Stooges right now. It's a very clutsy, nyuk-nyuk-nyuky house.