Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vacation - Fun and Educational

Vacations can be fun and educational.  On this leg of our trip, we learned that water is very powerful.  When our nation was young, water was not just used for drinking, bathing, cleaning and food preparation.  Early Americans harnessed the power of water to work for them.  This preserved mill provided us a glimpse into the lives of early Americans and showed us the great power of water.

The Mill
As the corn meal came out,
the kids were allowed to touch it.
The Gears 
The Wheel
"Look, Grandpa!"

Dad investigates.

Brothers investigate the canal.

Oh, the power of water.


Linda said...

Homeschool humor...I always use vacations for field trips. We were at the shore visiting a historic lighthouse, of course I had to stop at the gift shop to buy post cards. Can you resist a great looking post card? My Marvelous Middle Child asks, "who are you going to send those to?" I said, "no one, they are for your portfolio." She said, "can't we go on vacation without being in school!?" I guess not sweetie:-)

Hannah said...

Hey...with colored leaves, that first one could be a calendar photo. Glad you had very practical of you! We're starting to think more educational in our vacationing, too...unless, of course we can go without the kids!

alice alfred said...

I love this place. Where is it? As you know, I am an avid history connoisseur :>)....this was so interesting and the picture of the water mill is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I guess you could say the family and the Grandparents spent their time just "millin' around". Couldn't resist that. Love, Grandpa

Laura said...

I need to come clean: When I was young, I always thought homeschooled children were weird. Who was willing to spend all day home? Then I became a teenager and I thought my homebound counterparts were incredibly cool. They had a more "flexible" lifestyle and they could sleep in one day without it being a huge deal.

As I read more homeschooling mothers' blogs I realize it's so much more. The fact that you take the time to teach them and expose them to such interesting places is admirable. Amazing job!