Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Preparation Week - Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is here.  I have to say that my favorite day of the year is not Christmas, but Christmas Eve.  I think that it is the anticipation, the waiting and the journey that causes me to love this day so much.  While the day of Christmas is filled with presents and the momentary pleasures, Christmas Eve is filled with contemplation.  Thinking, waiting . . . . hoping.

On this Christmas Eve, I want to share something important to me about our Christmas tree.  Our Christmas tree is decorated with many of the same things that grace the trees in many homes.  Glittering lights, shiny balls, and cute decorations hang from the limbs of our tree.  A few things with extra special meaning also adorn those branches.  We have two gold cross decorations on our tree.  The gold ribbon that encircles our tree is inlaid with gold crosses.  One branch bends under the weight of a long, heavy nail.

These ornaments are not just for decoration.  They are to remind us that the birth of the Christ Child was just the beginning.  They are to remind us that Jesus came with the purpose of dying.  They remind us of the great hope we have, because of his sacrifice.  When Jesus came to earth, his heavenly throne and crown were exchanged for the future of the the cross and crown of thorns.  The constant praise that he must have experienced in Heaven was turned in for the scorn and mocking of human kind.  On Christmas Eve, I don't want to forget that Jesus Christ came to die for me.

I don't want to forget this most precious gift even more this year, because His sacrifice made it possible for my grandfather to join Him in Heaven earlier this week.  On Tuesday, my grandpa went on to be with the Lord.  I am able to rejoice in the blessing of knowing that Heaven awaited him, because of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am also able to rejoice, knowing that because I have chosen to trust in the Lord, Heaven awaits me someday.

Solemn thoughts, for such an exciting holiday.  In reality, they are the most important thoughts one can contemplate.  I am so thankful for a legacy of faith.  I am praying that I can leave a legacy of faith to those who will come after me.  May the Lord bless you and keep you this Christmas Eve.

~ In loving memory of my Grandpa Ralph

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Hannah said...

It's so important to emphasize the solemn reality of Christmas! We are overwhelmed with the selfish and temporary at this time of year; I really appreciate the reminders!