Friday, December 9, 2011

Favorite Festive Photos for Friday - Tree Lighting Edition

One of our favorite family traditions rolls around shortly after Thanksgiving.  We pull out the tree the first weekend in December and fill it with decorations.  After Mom (me) puts up the ribbon garland, the kids get to help put on the decorations.  

Big Brother hangs one of the wise men.

Little Man inspects one of the "ball-balls".


Hannah said...

...and then throws it across the room...or at least that's what Scott would have done at that age.

Christine said...

Throws it, bites it, takes it off the tree (and all decorations within his reach) . . . . oh me, oh my, how I love the toddler stage. (I really do, even when he's being "bad", he's so adorably cute - I have to stop myself from laughing half the time I'm repremanding him. I love these days!!!!!!)