Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Festive Photos for Friday

This summer, my mom and I shared the joy of visiting a shop (OK . . . a mega-shop) filled with all things Christmas.  While it has been a while since we took that little trip, I haven't forgotten the lovely time we had.  I have to say that watching my mom stroll through the shop was like watching a kid in a candy store.  See the smile on her face?  She had a wonderful time - and I had a wonderful time watching her.  


What  a delight.

 Christmas decorations make me happy.

Clearly, they also make my mom happy.

Enjoy the holiday season, and delight in the little things!


Annie Kate said...

Yes, it's good to enjoy the little things. Otherwise we get out of practice for the big things! :)


Annie Kate

Linda said...

I'm the same way when we go out and look at Christmas lights. My girls roll their eyes at me...a lot (it's a danger of having two teens and a tween!).

Hannah said...

Did this inspire you to decorate your house? Just finished ours this fun to look at, not so much to unpack. It's totally worth the effort, though!

Christine said...

It's inspired me to clean the house so that we can decorate the house. Hoping to do that this weekend . . . we'll see how much gets done. (I love decorating, but I'm dreading what the one-almost two-year old is going to do with the tree set up!)