Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun With Food

Food can be good to eat, and it can be fun to  . . . . . shoot?!?!  The boys were given "potato guns" for Christmas.  They gave whole new meaning to, "playing with your food".   All the guys had fun shooting potato pellets at one another.  And, yes, they were given the matching camo sweatshirts for Christmas.  Aren't they so cool?

"The Guys"

Big Brother tries out his potato gun.

Brother in the Middle tries to figure out how to load his potato gun.

Yes, that's a little potato pellet flying at you.

Even Grandpa got into the game.

Daddy thinks this is really funny.


Linda said...

There are a whole lot of guys from my high school who would have given their eye teeth for one of these during a cafeteria food fight!! Truly, it looks like fun.

Christine said...

Oooh, potato guns INSIDE a school - sounds like it would be trouble!!!!

They had a blast!

Hannah said...

I always thought potato guns were huge...this shocked me! They look like so much fun!