Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strange Farewell to January

Usually in January, we are bundled up.  There may be snow or ice in the air.  We are often thinking about ice, sledding, shoveling snow, laying down salt and maneuvering treacherous roads.  On this, the last day of January 2012, we spent part of the afternoon outside.  Instead of the usual pursuits, we enjoyed a walk and a bike ride.  With the high temperature reaching (near) 60 degrees, the day felt more like early spring than mid winter.  It was a treat!

 Little Man began by pushing his "bike".

Brother in the Middle had to keep practicing to remember how to ride, but he got it figured out!

When Little Man made it on the bike and joined Big Brother for a ride down the hill.


Hannah said...

I hung laundry out today. Can you believe it? I'm actually a little afraid that we'll have a snowy March and April, but hey, let's enjoy it while we can. Hooray for outdoor play!

Christine said...

My niece told me that her lunchlady told her March and April are going to be snowy. Let's hope for one nice sledding snow, then a regualr spring!

Annie Kate said...

Wow, biking in January! That is unusual!

We're having a very icy winter up in Ontario. Not cold enough for a lot of snow, but just right for freezing rain.

Hopefully we'll all get a bit of cold weather yet. Then your kids can enjoy winter too, and I can pull out my snow shoes.

Annie Kate